A $10 Bet Would Pay $73,000 if the Bengals and Redskins Play Each Other in the Super Bowl.

In what sportsbooks have established as being the least likely Super Bowl matchup for this coming season, the current line on a Bengals/Redskins Super Bowl sits at +730000.

If you’re willing to put down $10, you could have a potential payday of $73,000. To say it’s a long should would be putting it lightly. The next three least likely matchups are Miami/Washington, Cincinnati/Arizona, and Miami/Arizona at +640000. From there, oddsmakers get quite a bit more cautious, as odds for the fifth least-likely matchup – Cincinnati/Detroit – drop to +460000.

On the other side of things, the most likely matchup appears to be New England/New Orleans at +2380. My personal belief is this is the year New England falls apart. They may still make the playoffs, but I believe they will be playing a wild card team if they do. I can’t see them getting a bye, and while I’m more sure than not that they’ll make the playoffs, I think they’ll be out in the first round. Brady is at the end of his career and unless a couple of other major playmakers step up (and the Patriots do have a reputation for that happening), this is going to be the start of a slide into mediocrity for a couple of years at least.

The Cincinnati/Washington matchup line is an interesting stat though. If they both win their season openers, the line will drop significantly. If by some crazy chance they both make the playoffs (about a 3% chance for each team right now), things could get very interesting for those who took a chance on them 17 weeks prior.