Getting Started with Parlays on 5Dimes

5Dimes makes it fairly easy to make parlays, especially compared with some of the other big books. I’ve compiled a little walkthrough to show you exactly how to get started with it:

Sign up for an account.

Once you start with 5Dimes on their main page, click the Join Now button. Important to note here this is what you’d see on their mobile page. If you’re on a desktop, click the link above and in the upper left corner you’ll see an “Open account” button. From there it’s pretty much the same as what you’ll see here.

Put in some details about yourself

You’ll be filling out some basic information just the same as you would if you were signing up for an Amazon account or buying anything online. 5Dimes requires everything you see above to make sure they comply with local laws (namely US and Canadian laws). You’ll create a PIN which is 4 digits long and anytime you’re in their live chat, they’ll ask for it to verify they are actually speaking with you. Click Register at the bottom once everything is filled out.

Make a deposit

You may be taken straight to the above deposit page once you register. If you’re not, you’ll be taken to the sportsbook and there is a big red “DEPOSIT” button you can click on that will take you here. The most popular deposit methods are BTC and credit/debit cards. MoneyGrams are far slower than either of the other two options.

Depositing – BTC

This is what you’ll see if you decide to deposit with BTC. You’ll enter the amount you want to put on in Dollars. Once you click next, you’ll be taken to this page:

You’ll have 15 minutes to send the BTC to the address in the QR code or directly below it. Once it’s sent, you can use the check status button to verify it’s showing up on the Blockchain.

Depositing – Credit/Debit cards

If you want to deposit with a credit/debit card, this is the screen you’ll see. It’s just like any other online purchase. Put in your number, expiration date, CSC and amount you’d like deposited and click the Deposit Now button. A few banks will not allow the transaction to go through and any type of business/corporate card will decline the transaction as well. The majority of debit cards and credit cards though will work just fine.

Make the parlay

Once the deposit is made, you’ll be taken back to the sportsbook. From there, click the three menu bars in the upper left corner and choose “Parlay”, which will take you to the screen above. As you can see, you can choose multiple sports. You can parlay NFL and the Mexican Basketball League if you really want to. There are FAR more options than just football and basketball for your parlays. I just wasn’t going to take an enormous screenshot to catch everything. Once you’re on the page, you can scroll down and see everything (baseball, soccer, racing, spelling bee, etc.) Far more popular is just parlaying bets in one/two different sports.

5Dimes lets you parlay up to 25 events with a maximum payout of $500,000. The minimum bet amount if 50 cents. It’s really something you need to play around with for yourself to get a good feel for it. It takes about 5 minutes start to finish to sign up, head on over and give it a shot before the next games start (all bets close at the scheduled game start time).